Winter Wellness means staying in harmony with the rhythm of nature and the world around you. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Winter Solstice is the time in our yearly cycle when Calgarians experience the least amount of daylight and the most darkness. It is the time of year to slow down, to reflect, to relax and to engage in quiet activities. In order to feel healthy, it is really important that we remember to follow the cycles of the environment that we are a part of.

Rest more. Winter is the perfect time to slow down both mentally and physically. This can be very difficult in our society and sitting at home watching TV or looking at our phones does not count. Screen time is very stimulating for our brains. It uses a lot of energy, changes our sleeping patterns and increases stress. I recommend reading, meditating, taking baths, yin yoga and chats with friends over a cup of tea.

Eating for the Seasons

The way we eat should also change to stay in alignment with the changing of the seasons. In the colder, winter months comfort food is craved for a reason. Warm, cooked food is easy to digest and takes less energy to process. Eating warmer foods in the winter will help you get the most vitality and nutrients out of your meals versus eating cold and greasy foods that will leave you feeling more depleted. I recommend stews, soups, roasts and stir-frys.

With the shorter days and longer nights, all Calgarians should be supplementing with Vitamin D. You cannot get enough from food sources and for the next 5-6 months even if you are outside, at our latitude in Calgary, you won’t be getting any absorbable Vitamin D from the sun. This includes your little ones. Both breast milk and formula contain Vitamin D, but not enough, so Alberta Health Services recommends that you give your infants an extra 400 IU daily. Adding Vitamin D is proven helpful for both your mood and immune system. I recommend trying a liquid Vitamin D3 supplement, it is easy to take and absorb. I also recommend year-round Vitamin D for most of my fertility and prenatal clients, if you have any questions please ask.