What is happening to all the sperm? Male infertility is on the rise, and it is happening at an alarming rate. “Last summer, a meta-analysis of 185 studies in which semen was collected over the past 40 years indicated that sperm concentration seemed to have consistently and remarkably declined in the course of a generation.” -New York Times

This trend is forcing us to look at infertility differently. New research is giving us a better idea of why this is happening and how to treat it. We now know that it is not just about conception. Sperm issues can cause complications well into the first trimester of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is no single reason for the spike in male factor infertility. It is a more complicated scenario involving many different diets, lifestyles and environmental factors.

However, there is good news. Sperm regenerates quickly! It takes 72 days for a man to make new sperm. If we can improve the environment that sperm is being produced in, we can improve the count and quality of the sperm. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs, vitamins and minerals), acupuncture, as well as advice on diet and lifestyle, we can help increase your chances of conception by improving the environment your sperm are being produced in.